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Corona Boys (3/24/20) ft/ Caleb Ecarma & Juliet Jeske

This episode is half coronavirus, half profile. Host Jared Holt speaks to Vanity Fair reporter Caleb Ecarma about whether Trump’s conspiracy theories about the coronavirus have doomed his strongest base of supporters. Then, he’s joined... Read More
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James and Gregory (3/17/20) ft/ Hannah Gais

We take a break from the pandemic sweeping the world to speak with SPLC’s Hannah Gais about Kevin DeAnna, a highly influential white nationalist who operated behind pen names until the release of her Hatewatch... Read More
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Quarantine Crew (3/10/20) ft/ Will Sommer

This one is all about the coronavirus. Jared talks to The Daily Beast’s Will Sommer about the right-wing response to the Trump’s administration’s handling of the global pandemic. Follow Will Sommer: https://twitter.com/willsommer Join the discussion... Read More

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