On episode 60 of sh!tpost, host Jared Holt is joined by AdWeek reporter Shoshana Wodinsky to learn about a federal search warrant filed against internet imageboard 8chan. Later we’re joined by Caleb Cain, who was radicalized on YouTube and now works to help others walk away from racist politics.

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Stories referenced in this episode:

  • The Juice Is Loose And Online (Deadspin)
  • Alex Jones Offers $1 Million for Conviction in Alleged Child Porn Malware Attack (Splinter)
  • Facebook Will Now Rank Your Comments So Its Dumbass Website Can Be ‘More Meaningful’ (Gizmodo)
  • 8chan versus the feds (Substack)
  • Genius.com accuses Google of copying its song lyrics (The Verge)
  • Harvard Pulls Pro-Gun Parkland Survivor Kyle Kashuv’s Admission Over Racial Slurs (The Daily Beast)
  • To protect and slur (Reveal News)
  • Brian Clyde: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know (Heavy)
  • Woman who worked on ex-state senator’s campaign arrested in connection to her death (CBS News)

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