On Episode 67 of sh!tpost, Jared Holt talks about the death of Jeff Epstein, the blacklisting of 8chan, and the second anniversary of Unite the Right. We’re joined by writer Aaron Freedman to learn about how the Intellectual Dark Web’s favorite publication got tricked by a hoax, then we’ll speak to the hoaxster himself! Later in the program, we’re joined by Madeline Peltz of Media Matters to talk about Tucker Carlson’s sudden “vacation” after claiming on air that white supremacy is a “hoax.”

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Stories Referenced:

  • Attorney General William P. Barr Delivers Remarks at the Grand Lodge Fraternal Order of Police’s 64th National Biennial Conference (DOJ)
  • Conspiracy Theories Erupt After Jeffrey Epstein’s Death (The Daily Beast)
  • Exclusive: We Found Archie Carter (Jacobin)
  • 8Chan, Breeding Ground for White Supremacist Shooters Goes Dark; Founder Says Pull the Plug Permanently (The Root)
  • 8chan Owner Called to Testify Before Congress After El Paso Shooting (Time)
  • 8chan is under police investigation in the Philippines (The Verge)
  • Why de-platforming 8chan can be effective (The Verge)
  • Tucker Carlson loses advertisers after remarks about “hoax” of white supremacy (MMFA)

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