On this episode, we talk about Jacob Wohl’s arrest warrant, Milo’s financial and audience size woes, and Facebook dating. TYT investigative reporter Ken Klippenstein (at 14:20) joins us to talk about a film pitched to humanize child detention centers at the border and to debrief us on the saga relating to the Harrys of Cherry.

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Stories Referenced:

  • Jacob Wohl Charged With Felony in California (The Daily Beast)
  • Milo Yiannopoulos Says He’s Broke (Vice)
  • FBI devotes memo to ‘anarchist extremist’ border threat, while far-right vigilantes get a pass (Daily Kos)
  • Infowars Loses Appeal in Sandy Hook Defamation Lawsuit (RWW)
  • JPMorgan has created a ‘Volfefe Index’ to track how Trump’s tweets move markets (CNN)
  • MAGA Meme-Makers Centralize Their Efforts (RWW)
  • Can Facebook Fix the Dating World Tinder Created? (The Atlantic)
  • Saudi-Linked Lobby Group Pitched Film to Humanize Child Detention Camp (TYT)

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