On this episode of SH!TPOST, we talk to Vice News reporter Tess Owen about the uptick in “Boogaloo Boys” memes and real-life activists. Then, we’re joined by The Daily Beast reporter Will Sommer to talk about “Plandemic,” the viral coronavirus conspiracy video that seemed to take over Facebook last week.

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Stories Referenced:

  • How big should Joe Biden be (The Verge)
  • Someone Apparently Used The Toilet During A Supreme Court Hearing (BuzzFeed News)
  • The Real Bailout is Happening on GoFundMe (Jezebel)
  • The ‘Boogaloo Bois’ Are Bringing Their AR-15s and Civil War Ideology to the Lockdown Protests (Vice News)
  • Richard Spencer Is Trying to Stage a Comeback Using a Russian Payment Platform (TruthOut)
  • Stars of ‘Intellectual Dark Web’ Scramble to Save Their Cash Cows (The Daily Beast)
  • PayPal shuts Russian crowdfunder’s account after alt-right influx (Financial Times)
  • After Screaming About Discrimination, Ex-Google Engineer James Damore Silently Asks Court to Dismiss Lawsuit (Gizmodo)
  • Facebook removes QAnon ‘fringe conspiracy’ groups ahead of 2020 election (The Verge)
  • Discredited Doctor and Sham ‘Science’ Are the Stars of Viral Coronavirus Documentary ‘Plandemic’ (The Daily Beast)
  • PAC that Ass

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