In episode 45 of sh!tpost, hosts Jared Holt and Jack unpack Candace Owens’ Hitler comments, the unmasking of a neo-Nazi podcaster, and the arrest of a prominent Gamergate icon. We’re joined by Luke O’Neil, who is our guide through Hell World (support his newsletter here), and HuffPost senior reporter Sebastian Murdock, who got in a Twitter fight with Cool Cat.

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Stories referenced in this episode:

  • Candace Owens thinks Hitler was just a bit too ambitious (The Daily Beast).
  • Jeff Bezos Dick Pic? (GQ).
  • ‘Digital Blackface’: Pro-Trump Trolls Are Impersonating Black People on Twitter (The Daily Beast).
  • State of the Q-nion (RWW).
  • Facebook pulls more Infowars pages (RWW).
  • Laura Loomer Banned from Paypal (The Hill).
  • Grandpa Lampshade Unmasked (HuffPost).
  • ICE senior adviser Jon Feere is an Ann Coulter superfan who loves her racist immigration writings (Media Matters).
  • ‘Gamergate’ Advocate Arrested on Allegations of Molesting Child (RWW).
  • Google Is Pulling Websites From Searches At Russia’s Request (BuzzFeed).
  • Spotify May Suspend Your Account If It Catches You Using Ad Blockers (Gizmodo).
  • Apple will compensate the teenage who found the Facetime bug (Tech Crunch).
  • Senator introduces a bill to legalize marijuana and it’s called S.420 (The Verge).
  • Discord Comes Under Fire for Alleged Moderator Abuse and Furry Corruption (Newsweek).

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