In episode 47 of sh!tpost, host Jared Holt and co-host Jack talk about the “Momo Challenge,” Notch supporting QAnon, and of course CPAC. The Intercept’s Aída Chávez and HuffPost’s Christopher Mathias join us to share their takeaways from the annual conservative conference.

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Stories referenced in this episode:

  • Google, siding with Saudi Arabia, refuses to remove widely-criticized government app which lets men track women and control their travel (Business Insider)
  • We Don’t Know If The Momo Challenge Is Real, And That’s The Problem (BuzzFeed News)
  • Anti-Vaxxers Are Cozying Up to the Far Right Online (The Daily Beast)
  • Notch: “Q is legit. Don’t trust the media.” (Twitter)
  • Alex Jones And Joe Rogan Made Peace With A Bizarre Podcast (Forbes)
  • Proud Boys Members Have Pleaded Guilty To Charges In The New York City Attack (BuzzFeed News)
  • THQ Nordic delivered a masterclass in blowing up your brand (Polygon)

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