In episode 48 of sh!tpost, host Jared Holt and co-host Jack talk about Megan McCain crying on national television, why people are throwing cheese at infants, and those Tucker Carlson archive tapes. Twitter user and resident expert @Tankie_Vaciedo joins us to talk about “was bappin?” and Dan from Knowledge Fight helps us break down news that Paul Joseph Watson is leaving Infowars.

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Stories referenced in this episode:

  • Tucker Carlson tapes drop (MMFA)
  • Elizabeth Warren announces plan to break up big tech (BuzzFeed News)
  • HQ Trivia’s first live event was ruined by people who weren’t in the audience (The Verge)
  • The Right cheers for Andrew Yang (The Daily Beast)
  • Canadian politician asked about Pizzagate theory (CBC)
  • Jerome Corsi is suing Infowars (The Daily Beast)
  • Unicorn Riot Drops New Discord and Slack Leaks (Unicorn Riot)
  • The Wrong Stuff (SPLC)
  • The President signed a boob, proving we are in fact living in the sequel to Taladega Nights (Twitter)
  • Bill Mitchell Declares that Trump is being guided by God (RWW)
  • Twitter has launched a new prototype app “TWTTR” (TechCrunch)

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