In episode 51 of sh!tpost, host Jared Holt and co-host Jack discuss news of the week, including the firing of DC McAllister, Alex Jones’ sworn deposition, and the burn of World Net Daily. Matt Binder from DOOMED joins us for an extended interview exploring the ethos, pathos, and logos of the right-wing internet (or at least it starts like that).

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Stories referenced in this episode:

  • Facebook Will Ban White Nationalist And White Supremacist Content (BuzzFeed)
  • A Serial ‘Swatter’ Has Been Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison (Associated Press)
  • Bezos Investigation Finds the Saudis Obtained His Private Data (The Daily Beast)
  • Alex Jones Deposed Under Oath (HuffPost)
  • Taylor Swift stan account says they were jailed (Twitter)
  • She was at her wedding, and then she was out of a job (Mediaite)
  • World Net Daily is in a slow burn collapse (Washington Post)
  • Political artist Jim Carrey is feuding with Benito Mussolini’s granddaughter, so hey, how’s your day? (AV Club)
  • In the wake of a massive terror attack in New Zealand the Trump admin dismantles domestic terrorism unit (The Daily Beast)

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