In episode 54 of sh!tpost, host Jared Holt and co-host Jack discuss THE REPORT, changes coming to KickStarter and Indiegogo, and a resurgence in accelerationism among racist extremists. Anna Merlan joins us from the desert (where we presume she is hunting aliens) to talk to us about her new book about conspiracy theories in America.

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Stories referenced in this episode:

  • Sri Lanka bans social media sites after tragedy strikes (TechCrunch)
  • Failed crowdfunded gadgets are forcing Kickstarter and Indiegogo to change (The Verge)
  • Mike Cernovich now wants to be a fashion critic (The Daily Beast)
  • Bitcoin Couple Faces Death Penalty for Trying to Build Home in International Waters (The Daily Beast)
  • The Mueller Report is out (DOJ)
  • FBI arrests member of rightwing militia accused of detaining migrants (The Guardian)
  • PayPal and GoFundMe have banned a far-right group, the United Constitutional Patriots (Gizmodo)
  • Andrew Yang Campaign Boots Racist Podcaster From Its Volunteer Staff (Right Wing Watch)
  • White Supremacists Embrace “Accelerationism” (ADL)

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