On this episode of SH!TPOST, we’re joined by the host of DOOMED!, Matt Binder, to talk about ongoing civil unrest in the United States and the online conspiracies that have come with it.

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Stories Referenced:

  • 8 Minutes and 46 Seconds: How George Floyd Was Killed in Police Custody (New York Times)
  • Antifa isn’t the problem. Trump’s bluster is a distraction from police violence. (Washington Post)
  • Trump floats conspiracy theory about 75-year-old protester shoved by Buffalo cops (Politico)
  • Multiracial family on Washington state camping trip is accused of being antifa and menaced (NBC News)
  • How a man from California caused a false Antifa scare in North Bend (Snoqualmie Valley Record)
  • Federal Agencies Cast Doubt on Right-Wing’s ‘Antifa’ Catch-All (Right Wing Watch)
  • 3 self-proclaimed members of the far-right ‘boogaloo’ movement were arrested on domestic terrorism charges for trying to spark violence during protests (Business Insider)
  • People Can’t Stop Watching Videos of Police and Protesters. That’s the Idea. (New York Times)
  • Portland Police Department Tweet
  • Internal NYPD alert warns of concrete disguised as ‘ice cream’ at NYC protests (NY Post)

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