On this episode of SH!TPOST, we’re joined by co-host of Eat the Rich, Dwight, to discuss the TikTok teens and K-Pop stans in American politics, Rep. Matt Gaetz’s son Nestor, conspiracy theories about fireworks in major cities, and more.

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Stories Referenced:

  • Here’s How K-Pop Fans and TikTok Teens Teamed Up to Take Down a Trump Rally (Esquire)
  • TikTok Teens and K-Pop Stans Say They Sank Trump Rally (New York Times)
  • House policing bill headed to floor after drawing fiery exchanges over race (Roll Call)
  • Matt Gaetz and the until-now unknown adopted son from Cuba (Roll Call)
  • Matt Gaetz describes himself as ‘single step-parent’ to Nestor Galban (Roll Call)
  • What’s Up With All These Fireworks? (The Cut)
  • JPMorgan’s Mary Erdoes Warns of Stimulus-Fueled Zombie Companies (Bloomberg)
  • Big Chungus Energy Will Win in 2020 (The American Mind / The Claremont Institute)

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